Hot Tub Covers and Hail Damage

We obtain a lot of questions from spa proprietors that are changing their hot tub covers due to hail damages. Standard inflexible foam covers obtain hammered by hail since they do not absorb impact quite possibly. As individuals who stay in areas of heavy hail storms understand, anything stiff is going to take a pounding.

The service to this would be something that has the ability to provide or absorb influences. In Hollywood when a stunt man drops from a wonderful elevation, he wishes to arrive on something that will absorb his impact like an air bag. The air bags the stunt man lands on are created made from the same products as the hot tub covers made by

Currently the stunt air bag is made to open up as well as launch air when it “catches” the stunt person so please don’t use your SpaCap Spa Cover in this manner. However if your house is on fire and also you need to jump out of the window to conserve your life aiming for the SpaCap would probably conserve your life.

Nevertheless you are a little bigger compared to the regular hail rock and the damage from you jumping on hot tub covers would not be covered by the service warranty. But regardless of how fierce the tornado or the hail stone the hot tub covers made by will provide or capture it without damages. We have actually examined it by driving golf balls right into it, dropping bowling spheres on them as well as just having them in use around the country in areas that get serious hail tornados. does a brisk company replacing foam filled spa covers squashed after a storm yet until now not also among the SpaCap spa covers have actually ever been harmed by hail.

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