As great as they are, swim spas present a unique challenge when it comes to covers.

Typically your new swim spa will arrive with a cover like you would find on the average hot tub only with more sections.

Those sections get heavy just like they do on a hot tub. Not all at once, but at different rates so you get to play a version of “musical chairs” with your cover. Moving it around so that you can open at least a portion of your swim spa.

Plus, getting those heavy covers off and on when the sides of the spa are that high is not only much harder than it is on a regular hot tub it’s more dangerous and an invitation for back trouble.

Good news though. We build a swim spa cover that is about as easy to use as a comforter on your bed. It doesn’t have any foam panels to soak up moisture from the steam coming off the spa water. Our covers use flexible air chambers to do the insulating instead of foam.

Every cover we build is custom made and available in Sunbrella marine grade fabric so it not only works great it looks great and can match your decor.

Don’t let a heavy cover keep you from using your swim spa. Contact us today and we’ll get you a cover that will work great and look great for years to come.